Poems by John Hooley

Poems by John Hooley

Anaxarete, by John Hooley

As the sun rose o'er sea-girt Salamis,
And in his might broke through the kindly mists
That wo...

Atlantis, by John Hooley

Bellow great green seas
Over the grey trees
And ghostly meadows of that far day,
When in Atla...

Cassandra, by John Hooley

Eastwards the summer breezes softly bore
Atreides' time-worn galleys--and the king
Leant by the...

Pygmalion, by John Hooley

In Cyprus, in an old world time
Dreamy, mysterious, sublime,
When Gods still trod this eart...

Somnium, by John Hooley

Ah, sweet ideal!
Wert thou but real,
And warm and rosy, and flesh and blood,
Surely such s...

A Valentine, by John Hooley

Sweet, will you be my valentine?
And only mine, and ever mine,
And love me well as I love yo...

Violets, by John Hooley

Over the country side
Softly has spring-tide
Crept like a lover uncertain and coy;
And every ...