Poems by James McIntyre

Poems by James McIntyre

Holland River and Its Tributaries, by James McIntyre

Meanderings of a stream rises twenty miles north of Toronto and sweeps around the whole of Southe...

Lines on Violets, by James McIntyre

Once, while digging 'neath the snow,
'Mid Canadian winter, lo!
To our joy and surprise
We s...

North-West Rebellion, 1885, by James McIntyre

Hail Canada our young fair land,
The world's respect it doth command;
How quick her sons at w...

Poetry, by James McIntyre

Poetry to us is given,
As stars beautify the Heaven,
Or, as the sunbeams when they gleam,

Province of Ontario, by James McIntyre

In the land of woods and lakes,
Pure happiness each one partakes,
Who is sound in body and in...

Tiger and Elephant, by James McIntyre

On Ganges banks roams the tiger,
And lion rules by the Niger,
Hunder heard shrill cry of peac...

Adventures with Bears, by James McIntyre

I bought of land two miles square,
I knew not it contained a bear,
I never thought there woul...

Bear and Falls, by James McIntyre

Strange incidents do happen ever
On the famed Niagara river,
This thought to mind it now recal...

Bear Hunt, by James McIntyre

Two youths came over from York state,
Bill Brown and Tom Dawes his mate,
For many months they...

Birth of Canada as a Nation, July First, 1867, by James McIntyre

Hail Britannia's noblest daughter,
Who is surrounded by the water,
Of many a lake and broad s...

Canadian Charms, by James McIntyre

Here industry is not in vain,
For we have bounteous crops of grain,
And you behold on every f...

Canadian Rivers and Lakes, by James McIntyre

We have here a sight as fair
As bonnie Doon or banks of Ayr,
Like modest worth meandering slow...

Canadian Thames, by James McIntyre

Westward it winds past each town,
Growing broader as it flows down,
Onward it glides never we...

Fight of a Buffalo with Wolves, by James McIntyre

A buffalo, lord of the plain,
With massive neck and mighty mane,
While from his herd he slow...

Halloween, by James McIntyre

A tale we'll tell of what hath been
When maids and youths kept Halloween.
It is a tale of old w...