Poems by Henry O'Meara

Poems by Henry O'Meara

The Last Day of Pompeii, by Henry O'Meara

August 24, A.D. 79. Widespread the centuries, like cinders down Vesuvia's side,
Have passed ...

A Life's Love Song, by Henry O'Meara

As the sun-beams with amber tinge shine
Through the sheaves that responsive are glowing,
Thy h...

On a Golden Wedding, by Henry O'Meara

TO AMOS C. CLAPP. Old friend, the cycle of whose nuptial round
Has turned the golden matrimoni...

A Precocious Hyacinth, by Henry O'Meara

The classic conceit as to the origin of the Hyacinth was that Apollo raised it from the blood of ...

The Sacred White Elephant from Siam, by Henry O'Meara

Written in response to an offer by P. T. Barnam.--The White Elephant of Siam has been held sacred...

The Spring Bulbs' Advent, by Henry O'Meara

Now from their crysalis trance our bulb-loves peer
From brumal bound unprisoned to assume
The h...

A Transplanted Bloom, by Henry O'Meara

From every group Death takes a trophy dear,
From every cluster claims a precious flower;
And ...