Poems by Henry Abbey

Poems by Henry Abbey

The Singer's Alms, by Henry Abbey

In Lyons, in the mart of that French town,
Years since, a woman, leading a fair child,

Low Tide, by Henry Abbey

Along the cliff I walk in silence,
While over the blue of the waves below,
The white birds gl...

Moro, by Henry Abbey

Now, through the crowded amphitheater,
Sounded a herald flourish loud and clear.
A breeze of ...

On a Great Warrior, by Henry Abbey

In memory of Ulysses S. Grant When all the sky was wild and dark,
When every heart was wrung w...

Ontiora, by Henry Abbey

Moons on moons ago,
In the sleep, or night, of the moon,
When evil spirits have power,

The Patriot's Courage, by Henry Abbey

When our free land's great captain, Washington,
Was colonel in Virginia, ere the war
He led ...

The Picture, by Henry Abbey

A widow by her landlord was oppressed
To pay at once her backward coin of rent;
For he, curse...

The Roman Sentinel, by Henry Abbey

Death, or dishonor, which is best to taste?--
A Roman sentinel, with courage high,
When God...

Science and the Soul, by Henry Abbey

I sought, in sleep, to find the mountain-lands
Where Science, in her hall of wonder, dwells....

To Baffle Time, by Henry Abbey

To baffle time, whose tooth has never rest,
And make the counted line, from page to page,

While the Days Go By, by Henry Abbey

I shall not say, our life is all in vain,
For peace may cheer the desolated hearth;
But well...

The Troubadour, by Henry Abbey

So many poets die ere they are known,
I pray you, hear me kindly for their sake.
Not of the h...

Trailing Arbutus, by Henry Abbey

In spring when branches of woodbine
Hung leafless over the rocks,
And fleecy snow in the hollo...

Storm, by Henry Abbey

The pale day died in the rain tonight,
And its hurrying ghost, the wind, goes by:
The mount...

The Statue, by Henry Abbey

All bold, great actions that are seen too near,
Look rash and foolish to unthinking eyes;