Poems by Harvey Rice

Poems by Harvey Rice

The Birth of Beauty, by Harvey Rice

By Nature's hand, though all
Was made complete,
Still in her palace-hall
No twinkling feet, ...

Career of the Cloud, by Harvey Rice

In the garb of a soft, silken mist,
I ascend to the brow
Of the mountain, and trust to my wi...

Departed, by Harvey Rice

Too pure for earth, too pure for earth,
Thy home the spirit-land,
Where earth-born flowers u...

Heaven on Earth, by Harvey Rice

There's a heaven on earth--
A heaven that's mine--
In the gift of her heart
Whose love is divi...

Hymn to the Sun, by Harvey Rice

Great sire of life, and source of light,
Thou hast o'er all control;
Dispeller of the mystic...

Morning, by Harvey Rice

Like a nymph from an ocean of pearls,
Awaking she flies to the hills,
And smiles at her face ...

The Old Year, by Harvey Rice

Lo! The Year now retires,
The sad Old Year, like a king from his throne;
And, fated, he si...

The Queen of Night, by Harvey Rice

Pale wanderer in the azure field
That blossometh with stars,
Why guard thy breast with silver ...

The Rainbow, by Harvey Rice

How beautiful to wondering eyes
The rainbow's flame,
That spans the earth, and tints the skie...

The Stream of Time, by Harvey Rice

It rolls in grandeur lone--
The stream of Time;
And on its shores lie strown
The wrecks of ev...

Summer, by Harvey Rice

Lo! Summer serenly advances,
Arrayed in the smiles of the sun;
While zephyrs are weaving thei...

Voice of the Pine, by Harvey Rice

In other days, from woodland maze,
Homeward I proudly bore,
O'er hill and plain, 'mid sleet...

Wild Flowers, by Harvey Rice

Daughters of light, who ne'er repine,
Though high your birth,
'Tis yours in humble life to s...