Poems by Greg Vovos

Poems by Greg Vovos

The Dude, by Greg Vovos

That's the dude right there.
He rolls out of the
warm embrace of the Gas Mart
smack dab

Flo the Flamba, by Greg Vovos

Flo the Flamba
stands tall --
twelve feet, seven inches
to be exact.
An orange tuft of hair

North for the Winter, by Greg Vovos

I was talking to this bird
and he was really pissed off.
He's like, man, this year
I'm doing...

Ours, by Greg Vovos

We all have our own Nessie.   Mine if you could believe it --
and I don’ t expect yo...

The Siren, by Greg Vovos

first the guitar
and then the spirits
and finally that voice
of hers
soft but strong

Spiked, by Greg Vovos

He wasn’ t sure what to do.
He couldn’ t even bear
to look at himself…
so ...

The Thump, by Greg Vovos

When he fell out the
third-story window
he wasn't expecting much,
mostly because he didn't