Poems by Gerald Massey

Poems by Gerald Massey

Husband and Wife, by Gerald Massey

O, proudly I stood in the rare Sunrise,
As the dawn of your beauty brake;
But I fear'd for t...

Long Expected, by Gerald Massey

O many and many a day before we met,
I knew some spirit walked the world alone,
Awaiting the ...

A Lover's Fancy, by Gerald Massey

Sweet Heaven! I do love a maiden,
Radiant, rare, and beauty-laden:
When she's near me, hea...

No Jewelled Beauty is My Love, by Gerald Massey

No jewelled beauty is my Love,
Yet in her earnest face
There's such a world of tenderness,

O! Who That Lookt Could Chance But Love?, by Gerald Massey

All glorious as a Rainbow's birth,
She came in Spring-tide's golden hours;
When Heaven went h...

This World is Full of Beauty, by Gerald Massey

There lives a voice within me, a guest-angel of my heart,
And its sweet lispings win me, till...

To My Wife, by Gerald Massey

Like those Ambassadors of old, that went
To the far Orient land, with kingly gifts
Of Gold, ...

Wedded Love, by Gerald Massey

The summer Night comes brooding down on Earth,
As Love comes brooding down on human hearts,