Poems by Edwin Leibfreed

Poems by Edwin Leibfreed

O Heart of God, by Edwin Leibfreed

O heart of God, beat once for me!
The bird shall build its nest
Within the shelter of the tree...

You Beautiful Girl of the Street, by Edwin Leibfreed

You beautiful girl of the street!
With paramours a-plenty.
With radiant hair, and lips so swee...

When the Gentle Christ Was Tracing, by Edwin Leibfreed

When the gentle Christ was tracing
His forgiveness in the sand,
'Twas a woman's need effacing

The Sunset, by Edwin Leibfreed

Behold the drapery of the night!
A fleecy flame 'midst opal light.
An etching limned with shaft...

The Summer Day, by Edwin Leibfreed

The farm--a bit of heaven--
Where nature stopped to pray
For blessings to be given
One dreamy ...

The Song of the Soul, by Edwin Leibfreed

I Oh to be naked!
My body? Yes, if need be.
My Soul, more than all else.
To be as I am. As ...

So Let My Light Shine, by Edwin Leibfreed

Dear lord, make me a lamp to shine,
And spread a gracious light;
Though I may be in spirit p...

The Shadows in Thine Eyes, by Edwin Leibfreed

Whence came those shadows in thine eyes
That tremble with a mute surprise,
Transforming girlho...

The Quest for God, by Edwin Leibfreed

I would find God--the sovereign quest of life--
And finding Him be quit of reason's strife.

Oh Little Bird, by Edwin Leibfreed

Oh little bird with head atilt,
In safety drinking as thou wilt
From out the wayside found;

Murder, by Edwin Leibfreed

Trekking with ghastly, bloody feet she came,
The most unshapely monster known to fame.

Melodies in Memoriam, by Edwin Leibfreed

I am haunted by phantom sounds tonight
Of the music of long ago,
Whose shadowy notes in reveri...

Love, by Edwin Leibfreed

Love, the hidden spring of life, and soul's desire.
Celestial gold, secreted, laid by fire

The Lady and the Rose, by Edwin Leibfreed

The rose, my lady, that you wear,
It heard a whisper down the air.
It heard, and then it un...

Immortal, by Edwin Leibfreed

I have seen your canvased glories,
And your marble statues rare,
I have heard heart-thrilling...