Poems by Edwin Curran

Poems by Edwin Curran

Grand Canyon, by Edwin Curran

God's moonlight plays upon its painted cave,
Sifting out silver in a glorious hill,
Down thru...

Winter Night, by Edwin Curran

The stars like bells flash down the silver sky,
Taking the valleys with a holy glowing light,

To the Spirit of Beauty, by Edwin Curran

Oh, Beauty, walk with me through all my days;
Be with me every hour, everyplace.
Come Beaut...

The Swallow, by Edwin Curran

Dawn bird victorious,
Lyrical, glorious,
Softly thy music rolls on the sea;
Summer's sweet...

The Snake, by Edwin Curran

Ring of fire upon the grass,
Silvered like a looking-glass;
Mailed in spangles, burning ring...

Shakespeare, by Edwin Curran

Jovial Shakespeare, like the man he was,
Loved every flower in God's marvelous room,

The Rain Song, by Edwin Curran

Across the harp strings of the pane
I hear the belling rain
Plucking music from the glass;

The Painted Hills of Arizona, by Edwin Curran

The rainbows all lie crumpled on these hills,
The red dawns scattered on their colored sills;

The Old Mountains, by Edwin Curran

The old mountains are tall, silent men
Standing with folded arms, looking over the world,

The Night, by Edwin Curran

I hear the moving night
Touch with his robes the sea,
His step, the bright starlight,
His w...

Manhattan, by Edwin Curran

Oh, marble-spired Manhattan, I look into your thousand eyes at dusk,
And your thousand eyes l...

Grief, by Edwin Curran

My lover is now gone,
But what shakes me with dread
Is not to see her grave,
But to know lov...

The Greek Dancer, by Edwin Curran

She shakes her hair, a flowing crest
Like rippling waters down her breast;
Her knees as white...

Flowers, by Edwin Curran

They grow around the homes of all the land
Silent music! Daffodils, roses that stand
Like pink...

The Eagle, by Edwin Curran

The dome of heaven is thy house
Bird of the mighty wing,
The silver stars are as thy boughs