Poems by Dugald Moore

Poems by Dugald Moore

The Aurora Borealis, by Dugald Moore

Are ye unholy shadows, that by fits
Start from your grave, and in your shining shrouds
Walk t...

Columbus on First Beholding America, by Dugald Moore

God of my sires! O'er ocean's brim
Yon beauteous land appears at last;
Raise, comrades! Raise...

The Evening Star, by Dugald Moore

Beam of the lonely eve! Thou comest forth
Upon thy little cloud of silver hue,
Laughing like m...

Love, by Dugald Moore

When rosy morn threw o'er the tide
His youthful beams of glory bright,
When young creation, l...

On the Soul, by Dugald Moore

The worlds that fill the fields of space,
Shall wither where they long have roll'd,
But thou ...

Spring, by Dugald Moore

The world is quivering into life; each bough
Throws up a thousand buds of lively green;
The cl...

The Suicide, by Dugald Moore

The mist is on the mountain, and the moon
Walks like a spirit through the troubled sky,

Summer Evening Shower, by Dugald Moore

The playful breeze is dancing through the dell,
Breaking the azure crystal of the stream,
As ...

Summer Morning, by Dugald Moore

Nature has waked, and yawn'd, and oped her eye,
While on the mountains Morn has ta'en his sta...

To the Moon, by Dugald Moore

The myriads of mankind depart--they die,
They leave no vestige that they once have been,
But ...

To the Mountain Eagle, by Dugald Moore

Dark monarch of the cloudy sky!
Proud and companionless--
Alone, thou bend'st thy scornful eye...

Twilight, by Dugald Moore

And this is twilight!--what a glorious hour
To view tired nature stealing to her rest;
To view...