Poems by Donald Evans

Poems by Donald Evans

The Jade Vase, by Donald Evans

He had hunted for it to the alley's end,
Yet when he found the jade vase he was sad,

Two Deaths in the Bronx, by Donald Evans

The sodden stretches of the months of pregnancy
Had had but one green orchid;
That was their s...

Theâtre du Nord, by Donald Evans

She was tired to tears, and yet there were no tears,
Only the dead seas of indifference

Somnambulist, by Donald Evans

Like a long winding-sheet unrolled
Across the garden snow is spread,
And silent in the midnigh...

Shrines of Unloveliness, by Donald Evans

Beauty in a woman is a moving thing,
Yet sometimes just the patient lack of it
Will pierce the...

Riches and Revenge, by Donald Evans

Amid the pathos of the decay of character
I have found the highroad leading to an income,
And ...

Oubliettes, by Donald Evans

I. IRIS It was better so
When you did not know--
A short while ago.   You are kind indee...

One of the Major Saints, by Donald Evans

He had for years been denuding himself of facts;
He lived in the heart of the city, but he elu...

Nuptial Night, by Donald Evans

We are alone; the marriage-knot is fast;
The door is closed against the world outside.

The Noon of Night, by Donald Evans

The fictive tear he holds in reverence,
And studies heady griefs that wash the cheek;
It is a...

Nocturne in Red, by Donald Evans

'Tis cold in my heart as the woods are cold,
Where the bleak trees quake in the bitter wind.

The Mother of God: Acute Alcoholism, by Donald Evans

There was a snake in the gutter--
She was positive of that.
It had shown its head twice until t...

Marise Kissing Her Shoulders, by Donald Evans

It is Easter morning,
And my beloved, with a quaint belated zeal,
Has fled the city
To hunt...

Loving Kindness, by Donald Evans

Her flesh was lyrical and sweet to flog,
For the whip blanched her blood, though every vein

Love in Patagonia, by Donald Evans

Forgetting her mauve vows the Fania fled,
Taking away her moonlight scarves with her--
There w...