Poems by Dinah Craik

Poems by Dinah Craik

An Aurora Borealis, by Dinah Craik

Roslin Castle. Strange soft gleam, O ghostly dawn
That never brightens unto day;
Ere earth's...

A Flower of a Day, by Dinah Craik

Old friend, that with a pale and pensile grace
Climbest the lush hedgerows, art thou back agai...

Living: After a Death, by Dinah Craik

(Thus seems it we should say to our beloved--
Each held by such slight links, so oft rem...

Looking Death in the Face, by Dinah Craik

Ay, in the face, old fellow! Now's the time.
The Black Sea wind flaps my tent-roof, nor wakes...

Mary's Wedding, by Dinah Craik

February 25th, 1851 You are to be married, Mary;
This hour as I wakeful lie
In the dreamy d...

To a Beautiful Woman, by Dinah Craik

Surely, dame Nature made you in some dream
Of old-world women--Chriemhild, or bright