Poems by Conrad Aiken

Poems by Conrad Aiken

Variations: XIV, by Conrad Aiken

Beautiful body made of ivory,
Beautiful body made of ivory and roses,
Beautiful body made of ...

Variations: XV, by Conrad Aiken

The sea falls all night on the yellow sand,
The green waves foam and thrust and slide,
The lo...

Variations: XVI, by Conrad Aiken

Against an orange twilight sky
The street lamp gleams like clearer fire,
The cold wind spills ...

Variations: XVII, by Conrad Aiken

Tear the pink rose petal by petal
And let the petals float and fall,
Ravel the golden stamens ...

Variations: XVIII, by Conrad Aiken

The sun distills a golden light,
The sun distills a silence.
White clouds dazzle across the sk...

Violet Moore and Bert Moore, by Conrad Aiken

He thinks her little feet should pass
Where dandelions star thickly grass;
Her hands should li...

White Nocturne, by Conrad Aiken

I The first soft snowflakes hovering down the night,
From one white cloud that hurries beneath...

Zudora, by Conrad Aiken

Here on the pale beach, in the darkness;
With the full moon just to rise;
They sit alone, a...

1915: The Trenches, by Conrad Aiken

I All night long, it has seemed for many years,
We have heard the terrible sound of guns,

Aerial Dodds, by Conrad Aiken

Ingratitude--the damned ingratitude!
After these years, and all he'd done for him,
To run awa...

Amorosa and Company, by Conrad Aiken

Well, there was still a sure hand, anyway,
When she stood up alone, in a casket of light,

The Apollo Trio, by Conrad Aiken

From acting profile parts in the "legit, "
He came to this; and he is sick of it.
The singing p...

Bain's Cats and Rats, by Conrad Aiken

Quiet, and almost bashful, and seldom looking
Into the rows of eyes below and above,
He went...

Boardman and Coffin, by Conrad Aiken

I told him straight, if he touched me, just once more, --
The way, you know, --I'd kill him. ...

The Cornet, by Conrad Aiken

When she came out, that white little Russian dancer,
With her bright hair, and her eyes so yo...