Poems by Charles Guérin

Poems by Charles Guérin

The Bridal Night, by Charles Guérin

BRIDEGROOM and bride, with hearts like a wild song,
Sit in the cushioned carriage all day long...

The Delicate Evening, by Charles Guérin

THE delicate evening, with its clear, blue mist,
Dies like a word of love on summer's lips,

Fain Would I Be a Man, by Charles Guérin

FAIN would I be a man; now in no wise
My poems answer man's distress and cries.
Some men will w...

The Journey's End, by Charles Guérin

AT the road's end
The sun goes down;
Give me your hand,
And give me your mouth.   This...

Out of the Deep, by Charles Guérin

AT the hour when the stars from the eastern spaces are peering,
I stood on the cliffs that look...

Partings, by Charles Guérin

O TRAGIC hours when lovers leave each other!
Then every mistress feels herself a mother,
And, ...

To Francis Jammes, by Charles Guérin

O JAMMES, your house is like your face. A beard
Of ivy overgrows it, and a pine
Shades it, a...

Vain Vows, by Charles Guérin

THIS winter night is odorous of spring.
Dreaming, my casement open wide I fling.
Upon a veil o...