Poems by Caroline Spencer

Poems by Caroline Spencer

Where?, by Caroline Spencer

Gone! Slipped away so silently
While yet we deemed him all our own!
And he was with us yesterda...

A Strange Singer, by Caroline Spencer

Joy's the shyest bird
Mortal ever heard;
Listen rapt and silent while he sings;
Do not seek ...

Sweetness of Bitterness, by Caroline Spencer

When all the earth was quaking,
And seas in maddest roll,
And Heaven itself forsaking,
I fo...

The Swift Messenger, by Caroline Spencer

O Ariel, tricksy and dainty,
You spirit of finest air,
That was given the first man Adam

Together, by Caroline Spencer

A song for the season, my dear, my dear!
A song for the sunshiny weather!
And what does it ma...

The Unknown God, by Caroline Spencer

Of old the gods were feasted
On music, mirth and wine;
But men that drank their nectar
Did n...

The Uses of Life, by Caroline Spencer

Though we climb fame's proudest height,
Though we sit on hills afar,
Where the thrones of tri...

A Vigil, by Caroline Spencer

I sit alone and watch the darkening years,
And all my heart grows dim with doubt and fear;

Vacation Days, by Caroline Spencer

O working-world! While rest is sweet,
And ease a welcome comer,
Only your blithest songs are ...

When a Dream Comes True, by Caroline Spencer

I hold your hand in mine, my darling, darling;
I look within your eyes;
I ask you idle ques...

The Weeping Willow, by Caroline Spencer

The churchyard hath a noble tree,
The willow--the willow!
She droops her head so gracefully

A Watch in the Night, by Caroline Spencer

The earth is all in shadow,
The heavens alone are bright;
Deep after deep of splendor
Is bre...

The Watch for Tomorrow, by Caroline Spencer

It is Psyche that sits in her chamber,
With windows that follow the sun;
By the west, where ...

A New Year's Eve, by Caroline Spencer

One last long look upon thy face,
My year of grace!
O sweet and strange! What vision lies

The Night Watches, by Caroline Spencer

Her robes yet skirted with the sunset glimmer,
Into the twilight brown,
Into the twilight eve...