Poems by Callimachus

Poems by Callimachus

Zephyritis Divine, by Callimachus

A sacred shell Zephyritis divine,
Fair Selenæ a offers at thy shrine,
And thus thy Naut...

A Youth in Haste, by Callimachus

A Youth, in haste, to Mitylene came,
And anxious, thus reveal'd his am'rous flame
To Pittac...

Hymn to Ceres, by Callimachus

The basket swift-descending from the skies,
Thus, thus, ye matrons, let your voices rise:

When Love and Wine Inspire, by Callimachus

If sober, and inclin'd to sport,
To you, my fair one, I resort;
The still-forbidden bliss ...

When First You Saw the Nymph Divine, by Callimachus

Cleonicus, unhappy man,
Say whence thy sorrows first began?
For, by yon' blazing orb of ligh...

To Emulate So Sweet a Bard, by Callimachus

This book is sure exactly wrote
In Hesiod's manner, style, and thought,
Of Grecian poet's no...

The Street Poet, by Callimachus

I hate the bard who strolls along,
And sells in streets his borrow'd song;
I seldom walk the ...

The Stepdame's Tomb, by Callimachus

A pious youth approaching where
His stepdame's body lay,
Officious crown'd her statue there

Life After Death, by Callimachus

Cleombrotus, high on a rock,
Above Ambracia stood,
Bade Sol adieu, and, as he spoke,

Hymn to Jupiter, by Callimachus

Whilst we to Jove immortal and divine,
Perform the rites, and pour the ruddy wine;
What shal...

Hymn to Diana, by Callimachus

Tho' great Apollo claim the poet's lyre,
Yet cold neglect may tempt Diana's ire,
Come, virgi...

Hymn to Delos, by Callimachus

O when, my soul, wilt thou resound the praise
Of Delos, nurse to Phoebus' infant-days,
Or o...

The Bathing of Pallas, by Callimachus

Come forth, come forth, ye virgins, and prepare
The bath for Pallas with assiduous care:

Hymn to Apollo, by Callimachus

What force, what sudden impulse thus can make
The laurel-branch, and all the temple shake!

Epitaph for Callimachus, by Callimachus

Whoe'er with hallow'd feet approaches near,
Behold, Callimachus lies buried here,
I drew my ...