Poems by C. B. Langston

Poems by C. B. Langston

To the Lips, by C. B. Langston

Ye beauteous lips! Ye fair but wily twins!
Partners in pleasures--co-expert in sins;
Portals t...

The Sun, by C. B. Langston

How grandly the sun sets! What gorgeous display!
Like gold in a crucible melting away,
Whose i...

Thought, by C. B. Langston

Oh could I catch the fleeting thoughts that now
Through all my mind take their devious flight,

Thou Hast Not Forgotten, by C. B. Langston

Thou hast not forgotten, thou could'st not forget,
The vow at our parting, the kiss when we m...

To a Butterfly, by C. B. Langston

Thou gaudy insect! Fickle wanderer!
Thou art a living flower on the wing;
A wild voluptuary, ...

To a Flower, by C. B. Langston

No art can rival thee, beautiful flower!
Sweet mother of fragrance! Fair child of the hour!

To a Raven, by C. B. Langston

Dost thou bear me evil thou croaking bird?
Thy voice of ill omen methinks I heard;
Dost thou p...

To a Spider, by C. B. Langston

Weave on, poor insect! Weave on still,
Thy shining thread of matchless skill!
The thought to ...

To a Vase of Flowers, by C. B. Langston

Are they sighs of sorrow, my sweet flowers!
That with your fragrant breath you waft me up?

To My Soul, by C. B. Langston

Spirit of heaven--wrought excellence,
My soul! Be still! That I may see
What thy mysterious sp...

To Spring, by C. B. Langston

Welcome, welcome, lovely fairy!
Welcome to both sea and land!
Earth was cold and dull and dre...

Wild Flowers, by C. B. Langston

My fancy's queen, the muse, one day,
Pressed me upon her harp to play;
She bade me fear not...

What Should Life Be?, by C. B. Langston

Life should be a ship in motion,
Truth its compass in calm and gale;
Duty its pilot o'er the ...

Where Is Beauty?, by C. B. Langston

Ask me where beauty is, I'll say
'Tis in sweet maiden's witchery;
Amid the beams of her flash...

What Is Sleep?, by C. B. Langston

Sleep is the gift of gifts! Most prized! Most sweet!
The grant of mercy from offended heav'n!