Poems by Bret Harte

Poems by Bret Harte

Presidio de San Francisco, 1800, by Bret Harte

I Looking seaward, o'er the sand-hills stands the fortress, old and quaint,
By the San Franc...

San Francisco, by Bret Harte

Serene, indifferent of Fate,
Thou sittest at the Western Gate;   Upon thy heights so la...

An Arctic Vision, by Bret Harte

Where the short-legged Eskimo
Waddle in the ice and snow,
And the playful polar bear
Nips the...

Chicago, by Bret Harte

THE GREAT CHICAGO FIRE: OCT. 8 TO OCT. 10, 1871. Blackened and bleeding, helpless, panting, ...