Poems by Bhartrhari

Poems by Bhartrhari

On the Proud Man, by Bhartrhari

Those men may boast of being born, whose skulls gleam white on Siva's head,
The final meed of ...

Time, by Bhartrhari

Time is the root of all this earth;
These creatures, who from Time had birth,
Within his bos...

The Praise of Works, by Bhartrhari

Why honour gods, who must submit to Fate,
Or Fate, who gives but what our deeds have won?

The Praise of the Wise Man, by Bhartrhari

Kings in whose country tuneful bards are found
Naked and starving, though for lore renowned,

The Praise of Self-respect and Valour, by Bhartrhari

Worn with hunger, faint and feeble, shorn of glory and of power,
Still the king of beasts is ...

The Praise of the Good Man, by Bhartrhari

All-hail to those who love the good,
And sinful men eschew,
Who honour their religious head, ...

The Praise of Firmness, by Bhartrhari

The gods with priceless jewels were not bought,
Nor with the poison-chalice made aghast,
Nor ...

The Praise of Destiny, by Bhartrhari

Under Vrihaspati's own eyes
Entrenched on heaven's height
Wielding th' artillery of the skies, ...

The Path of Altruism, by Bhartrhari

Trees are bowed down with weight of fruit,
Clouds big with rain hang low,
So good men humbly ...

On Wealth, by Bhartrhari

Down to the lowest pit with rank, and gifts that all admire;
Hurl virtue headlong from the ste...

On the Terrors that beset the Path of Pleasure, by Bhartrhari

In happiness men fear disease, the haughty shrink from scorn,
The rich, the wise, the men of...

Against the Desire of Worldly Things, by Bhartrhari

Envy possesses those that know,
Great men are drunk with pride,
The vulgar no discernment sho...

On Self-renunciation, by Bhartrhari

The day of pleasure's past and gone,
Long through this world we've wandered on,
And weary rea...

On Fools, by Bhartrhari

She whom I worship night and day, she loathes my very sight,
And on my neighbour dotes, who i...

Of Worldly Enjoyments, by Bhartrhari

I'm forced to beg my loathsome daily mess,
My couch the earth, myself my only guard,
Of filt...