Poems by Barry Comer

Poems by Barry Comer

America the Beautiful, by Barry Comer

… the beginning.   With purpled haze and showered stars, the crowds heaved toward h...

Blue Tinted Eyes, by Barry Comer

You float with blue, tinted eyes;
oh, Simone.   Dreams of your strawberry toes,

Leviticus '65, by Barry Comer

Buzzing street lights in ‘ 65, while riding down broadway, I saw him raise a fist and kno...

My Candy Girl, by Barry Comer

Green mint breath,   with a predator’ s thirst,   her hot steamed plunder &nbs...

One Legged Cha Cha, by Barry Comer

She took Larnaca and
blistered walls,
her middle east.   The antiseptic’ s suicide...

Songs of Giggles, by Barry Comer

This is the song of girls
who pressed themselves close,
and tried to be, my friend.   T...