Poems by Bacchylides

Poems by Bacchylides

The Cloud of Fate, by Bacchylides

Peaceful wealth, or painful toil,
Chance of war, or civil broil,
'Tis not for man's feeble ...

The High Immortal Gods are Free, by Bacchylides

The high immortal gods are free
From taint of man's infirmity;
Nor pale diseases round them wa...

Not to be Born 'twere Best, by Bacchylides

Not to be born 'twere best,
Nor view the light of the sun;
Since to be ever blest
Is given t...

Of Happiness to Mortal Man, by Bacchylides

Of happiness to mortal man One is the road, and one the goal--
To keep unburthen'd, all he can...

Peace in all Her Sweetness Hail, by Bacchylides

Peace in all her sweetness hail!
No more the clarions ravish sleep;
Red rust-stains o'er the l...

Peace on Earth, by Bacchylides

To mortal men Peace giveth these good things:
Wealth, and the flowers of honey-throated song; ...

Theseus, by Bacchylides

Blue shadows wreathed the galley's prow that bore
Twice seven Attic youth, a glorious train

Truth, by Bacchylides

As gold the Lydian touch-stone tries,
So man--the virtuous, valiant, wise--
Must to all-powe...

Athena, by Bacchylides

Folded arms and sauntering pace
Come not nigh this holy place.
She whose image here is seen,