Poems by Arthur Guiterman

Poems by Arthur Guiterman

Youth and Age, by Arthur Guiterman

AN OLD NORSE SONG Bersi, the champion, famed in his day,
Agè d and bedridden, drowsi...

To the Moon, by Arthur Guiterman

Beloved of lovers, bards, astronomers,
Mythologists and other lunatics,
What blurs thy shie...

True Spring, by Arthur Guiterman

What, spring, because a day is fair,
Because a brook is flowing,
Because a maple here and t...

Truth and Falsehood, by Arthur Guiterman

Old Time was young, men's hearts were all untried
By Grief and Sin, when round this whirling b...

Tulips, by Arthur Guiterman

Brave little fellows in crimsons and yellows,
Coming while breezes of April are cold,
Winter ...

A Valentine, by Arthur Guiterman

Before your gate from dawn to late
The cheery postman whistles;
And every mail augments the ta...

What the Devil Said to Noah, by Arthur Guiterman

The world was badly scared;
The very heavens trembled;
The Ark was all prepared,
The beasts...

War, by Arthur Guiterman

God rears the sword.
With justice, not in vengeance, smites the Lord.
Whence came the steel? ...

The Wings of the Mountains, by Arthur Guiterman

FROM THE SANSRKIT Before there were clouds in the heavens,
Before there were summers and sprin...

When the Deer Come Down to Drink, by Arthur Guiterman

When the deer come down to drink,
Their antlers shake the dark wild cherries;
The moss in whi...

The Organ-Grinder's Monkey, by Arthur Guiterman

The funny, furry little chap,
His coat is red an' so's his cap;
He gathers pennies where he ...

The Mother, by Arthur Guiterman

This legend, grim and wild yet rich in truth,
Was framed in Cordova in Gothic days:
By Guada...

New Year, 1918, by Arthur Guiterman

As Father Time came speeding where I stood,
I boldly grasped him by the scanty forelock

Pipes of Pan, by Arthur Guiterman

"I love, you love, we love!"
Trilled the pipes of Pan
On the golden lea, Love,
When the wo...

Ragnarok, by Arthur Guiterman

THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS Ho! Heimdal sounds the Gjallar-horn:
The hosts of Hel rush forth