Poems by Andrew Downing

Poems by Andrew Downing

Winter Sunshine, by Andrew Downing

It scarcely seems winter, so faint is the breeze
That stirs the green mistletoe there in the tr...

The Oriole, by Andrew Downing

In robe of orange, and of black,
With mellow music in his throat,
Our fairest summer bird is...

The Red Bird, by Andrew Downing

When the summer sky is a tent of blue,
And rosy June is the regnant queen,
A crimson shuttle,...

Scotland and the Scots, by Andrew Downing

For the anniversary of the birthday of Robert Burns--Jan. 25, 1894. I know not in what land thy...

The Snowy Range, Colorado, by Andrew Downing

These are the monarch-mountains of the land,
The purple-wearers, almost infinite!
Secure upon...

Song of the Sand Storm, by Andrew Downing

I am the pitiless Sand Storm,
The whelp of a tameless breed--
My dam the desert, my sire the ...

The Sphinx, by Andrew Downing

There is in Egypt, near the Pyramids,
Fronting the placid Nile, a monolith--
A sculptured le...

The Sunflower State, by Andrew Downing

Doubtless you have heard the saying, Kansas lays a sorcerer's spell
Ever on her loyal children-...

Winter Birds, by Andrew Downing

Fair is the sky, for the cloud-rack is lifted--
Bright will the day be, though dark was the mo...

When Love Came Back, by Andrew Downing

Young Love was such a torment
I hid from him my face,
And scorned, and drove him from me
In ...

Thanksgiving, by Andrew Downing

The golden glow of autumn-time
Hath faded like an ember,
And on the dreary landscape lies

What Arizona Needs, by Andrew Downing

Has some prospect better pleased you?
Did you ever lift your eye--
Anywhere in any country--

A Summer Night, by Andrew Downing

The warm, long day is ended,
The cooler night prevails;
In blue seas, star-attended,
A wh...

Moonrise, by Andrew Downing

I saw the round moon rising from the sea,
One summer evening from a lonely isle
Hard by the no...

The Oasis, by Andrew Downing

Deep in the desert's fiery heart--
From bloom and verdure far apart--
A fountain thrusts its he...