Poems by Aleister Crowley

Poems by Aleister Crowley

Sleeping in Carthage, by Aleister Crowley

The month of thirst is ended. From the lips
That hide their blushes in the golden wood
A ferven...

The Poem, by Aleister Crowley

I have no heart to sing.
what offering may I bring,
Alice, to thee?
My great love's lifted w...

The Quest, by Aleister Crowley

APART, immutable, unseen,
Being, before itself had been,
Became. Like dew a triple queen...

The Rainbow, by Aleister Crowley

On land wrought of starlight rain lingers
In delicate spirals and spines,
And sunlight's immac...

Reincarnation, by Aleister Crowley

In Life what hope is always unto men?
Stories of Arthur that shall come again
Cleansing the Ear...

Rondels, by Aleister Crowley

I Maid of dark eyes, that glow with shy sweet fire,
Song lingers on thy beauty till it dies

The Rose and the Cross, by Aleister Crowley

OUT of the seething cauldron of my woes,
Where sweets and salt and bitterness I flung;

The Seventeenth Day, by Aleister Crowley

Last night--but the boy shrieked in's sleep--then, there
I had ended all! Having ingressed the ...

The Twenty-Eighth Day, by Aleister Crowley

A curious conflict this of love and fear,
Honour and lust, and truth and trust beguiled:

Yet Time to Turn, by Aleister Crowley

Brighter than snow on glittering Alps, the soul
Of my lost love was, bluer than the haze
Of t...

The Wizard Way, by Aleister Crowley

VELVET soft the night-star glowed
Over the untrodden road,
Through the giant glades of yew

Under the Palms, by Aleister Crowley

The woodland hollows know us, bird-enchanted,
Likewise the spaces of the ghostly sea,
The la...

To A. D., by Aleister Crowley

Across the sea that lies between us twain
I gaze and see thee, exiled but as free
As winds tha...

The Thirteenth Day, by Aleister Crowley

On the dim porchway where the sea's deep boom
Under our very feet made ceaseless song,
We sate...

A Paean in the Springtide, by Aleister Crowley

Now is the triumph of Love, now is the day of his guerdon,
Now when the blossoms are full on t...