Poems by Alcaeus

Poems by Alcaeus

Pittacus' Ancestry, by Alcaeus

They boisterously fill each cup
With unmixed wine the whole day long.
At night their blustering...

Wine's Sting, by Alcaeus

He thinks that he is then most blessed
When he at drinking is the best.
Yet though sweet wine h...

To Sappho, by Alcaeus

O violet-tressed Sappho chaste,
O maid with honeyed smile!
I fain would tell what is in my bre...

To Castor and Pollux, by Alcaeus

Come hither, ye mighty sons of Zeus
And Leda; Olympus leave behind,
Your flashing home. With ...

To Antimenides, by Alcaeus

From the end of the world thou hast just returned,
And an ivory-hilted sword hast thou earned, ...

The Storm, by Alcaeus

Jove descends in sleet and snow,
Howls the vexed and angry deep;
Every storm forgets to flow,...

Spring, by Alcaeus

I feel the coming of the flowery Spring,
Wakening tree and vine;
A bowl capacious quickly bri...

The Ship of State under Myrsilus, by Alcaeus

The winds' fierce strife I understand no longer;
The rolling billows e'er are towering stronger...

The Sea Cockle, by Alcaeus

Child of the aged rocks,
Child of the hoary sea,
Thou fillest with joy
The heart of the boy,...

Resign Thyself to Peace, Melanippus, by Alcaeus

Ah, Melanippus, why dost thou lament to me?
How canst thou think once more the sun's pure ligh...

Rejoice! The Tyrant is Dead!, by Alcaeus

Now shall we drink our fill;
Now in carousal mad
Drench ourselves with a will:
Now is Myrsil...

Poverty, by Alcaeus

A grievous weight, too heavy to endure,
Bitter, and full of woe,
Is Poverty, who, with he...

Pittacus in Power, by Alcaeus

At every drinking-bout does he carouse,
And silly triflers feasting fill his house.
Well, let...

On the Stormy Sea, by Alcaeus

Her cargo all is cast into the waters,
To save the ship perchance; yet now she totters,

On His Escape from Sigeum, by Alcaeus

Alcaeus hath escaped the hand
Of Ares on the battle-field;
He fled unto his native land,