Poems by Albert Samain

Poems by Albert Samain

Accompaniment, by Albert Samain

LIME, and birch, and aspen branches quiver..
The moon sheds petals on the river..   Like...

Arpeggio, by Albert Samain

THE soul of a flute is sighing
At the sounding heart of the park;
We breathe thy silent replyi...

Autumn, by Albert Samain

WE in the lonely walk by custom marred
Pace once again with steps how burdensome,
And by a ble...

The Black Goat, by Albert Samain

THE Black Goat passes, looking for his bitches.
It is a red, bare night! Thy last shame sinks,...

Cleopatra, by Albert Samain

I LEANING in silence on the tower-rampart,
The Queen, whose blue hair a silk fillet spans,

Doves, by Albert Samain

THE weltering sea the bare horizon holds,
The desolate sea where floats the ancient ark,
At w...

Ermione, by Albert Samain

THE tender sky was strown with roses pale..
Your eyes dreamed, shadowed by your wideawake
You ...

Evening, by Albert Samain

THE seraph of the eve past flower-beds strays..
The subtle colours of the sunset die
An exquisi...

Eventide, by Albert Samain

INTO the autumn evening's sadness grave
The panting town exhales its smoke and smut.
Brother of...

The Extreme Orient, by Albert Samain

AN evening music in the reed was heard.
I went to the river alone. I freed the painter,
I laid...

Galswintha, by Albert Samain

GALSWINTHA shivering with bowed head does sit.
Always these unkempt kerns, and heavens dun!
O ...

The Golden Fleece, by Albert Samain

BLACK in the blue night Argus sails, while dozes
Each chieftain sad, dreaming of Grecian hills...

The Hermaphrodite, by Albert Samain

NAKED, the Hermaphrodite is stretched to muse
With writhing reptile limbs upon her bed;
The j...

The Infanta, by Albert Samain

MY soul is an Infanta robed in state,
Whose exile is reflected evermore
In mighty mirrors of t...

Music, by Albert Samain

SINCE there are no words that can hold the brine
On this sad evening in my soul distilling,