Poems by Albert Laighton

Poems by Albert Laighton

The Phantom, by Albert Laighton

There dwelleth a Phantom within my breast,
That lieth not down with me to rest,
But whether I...

Songs at Midnight, by Albert Laighton

In the West the distant lightning
Fitfully doth come and go,
Like the radiant wings of firefli...

The Summer Shower, by Albert Laighton

A white haze glimmered on the hills,
The vales were parched and dry,
And glaringly the burnin...

The Sunbeam, by Albert Laighton

A sunbeam through an open door
Streamed down the death-o'ershadowed aisle,
And lighted all our...

To My Soul, by Albert Laighton

Guest from a holier world,
O, tell me where the peaceful valleys lie?
Dove in the ark of life...

The Tress of Hair, by Albert Laighton

A single tress of golden hair;
A sacred relic kept with care;
A memory of one so fair,  ...

At Night, by Albert Laighton

Come forth, belové d, to the night!
What though no stars are in the skies;
Enough for...

Autumn, by Albert Laighton

The world puts on its robes of glory now;
The very flowers are tinged with deeper dyes;
The w...

An Autumn Thought, by Albert Laighton

They're speeding on--the weary winter hours;
These are thy emblems, thou departing year:

The Ballad of Ruth Blay, by Albert Laighton

An old lady, who was present at the execution of Ruth Blay, said, as Ruth was carried through ...

The Birth of Light, by Albert Laighton

My form was hid in darkness; when the earth
Was void and formless, and the shoreless deep

The Breath of Spring, by Albert Laighton

The breath of Spring will steal again
Bloom-scented o'er the earth,
And silently the sleeping ...

The Chimes, by Albert Laighton

Ages since, men heard the ringing
Of the song-bells gently swinging
In the starry domes of tho...

The Dead, by Albert Laighton

I cannot tell you if the dead,
That loved us fondly when on earth,
Walk by our side, sit at ...

Ebb and Flow, by Albert Laighton

I wandered alone beside the stream;
The tide was out and the sands were bare;
The tremulous t...